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Idaho Real Estate License Professor will help you pass

The Idaho License Professor is the #1 Study Guide System Having Helped Many Idaho Real Estate Students Ace their Exams!
Let Him Help YOU!!!

The Idaho License Professor is Idaho's number one provider of high quality real estate knowledge designed to help YOU pass your ID real estate exam the first time. Explanations and feedback given by the Idaho License Professor is provided by real estate license instructors and professional realtors from across the United States. Many students have already aced their Idaho real estate exam by preparing with the Idaho License Professor. Shouldn't you?
Idaho state specific topics include:
  • Commission regulations
  • Licensing requirements
  • Agent responsibilities and disclosures
  • Record-keeping
  • Advertising requirements
The Idaho License Professor covers all of the Promissor (ASI) necessary fundamentals of real estate, including 1)Real property characteristics, definitions, ownership, restrictions, and transfer, 2)Assessing and explaining property valuation and the appraisal process 3)Contracts, agency relationships with buyers and sellers, and federal requirements 4)Financing the transaction and settlement 5)Leases, rents, and property management.
The Idaho License Professor Features:
  • 3 interactive study methods (Learning, Exam, and Flash Card)
  • 14 practice real estate license exams containing over 2100 questions
  • Both state and national real estate exam questions
  • Specific math and definition exams
  • Real estate specific online dictionary with hundreds of terms & phrases
Respect your exam!
Most people don't realize just how tough real estate tests are. Statistics show that nearly half of those writing fail the real estate exam on the first try! Studying with the Idaho License Professor dramatically improves your chances of passing. Each time you study with the professor it is like taking an actual Idaho state exam. This is the perfect method to give you confidence when it is time to write your exam for real.
Studying with the Idaho License Professor will:
  • Increase your understanding of course material
  • Improve your exam comfort, familiarity, and completion speed
  • Start preparing immediately as there is no software to be delivered
  • Work from home comfortably (slippers allowed): Study wherever and whenever you desire
  • Have no need to attend expensive exam prep classes or real estate license school
Remember practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.
The content for each Idaho real estate exam has been extensively planned out by the Idaho License Professor’s editorial staff; professionals who teach real estate license courses all over Idaho. Through their valuable years of instructional experience they have created a series of practice tests that help future realtors prepare for their real estate exam. Don't set up to fail. Pass the real estate exam using the excellent practice exams and informative feedback that the Idaho License Professor's system provides.
Idaho Real Estate License Exam Courses
Best value Real Estate Study Guide in the USA
"I bought a different study guide off of the Internet that I paid for but never received. I was so happy to be able to study right away with the License Professor."
Marko Baladino, Los Angeles
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Packages Available
Our Idaho Sales Agent's Exam Study Guide provides access to the License Professor's vast library of Idaho specific real estate exams.
Our Idaho Broker's Exam Study Guide provides access to the License Professor's vast library of state Idaho real estate exams.
Best Deal! Our Combo Package gets you access to BOTH the License Professor's Sales Agent and Broker library of state specific exams.
Try our free sales agent quiz online which includes a small sample of the sales agent content you would get as a member of the Real Estate License Professor.
Try our free brokers quiz online which includes a small sample of the real estate broker content you would get as a member of the Real Estate License Professor.
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The Idaho License Professor covers the following topics:
1. Introduction to the Real Estate Business    13. Title Records
2. Real Property and the Law 14. Real Estate Financing: Principles
3. Concepts of Home Ownership 15. Real Estate Financing: Practice
4. Agency 16. Leases
5. Real Estate Brokerage 17. Property Management
6. Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation 18. Real Estate Appraisal
7. Interests in Real Estate 19. Land-Use Controls and Property Development
8. Forms of Real Estate Ownership 20. Fair Housing and Ethical Practices
9. Legal Descriptions 21. Environmental Issues and Real Estate Transactions
10. Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens 22. Closing the Real Estate Transaction
11. Real Estate Contracts 23. Real Estate Math
12. Transfer of Title 24. Idaho Law and Practice
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