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Real Estate Terms Glossary
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Real Estate Terms Beggining with the Letter n
National Association of Realtors.
National Association of Real Estate Boards. This trade organization is now known as the National Association of Realtors.
Negative Amortization
Occurs when monthly installment payments are insufficient to pay the interest accruing on the principal balance so that the unpaid interest must be added to the principal due.
Either the failure to act as a reasonable prudent person or the performance of an act that would not be done by a reasonable prudent person.
Negotiable Instrument
A check or promissory note that meets specified statutory requirements and is therefore easily transferable in somewhat the same manner as money. The negotiable instrument can be passed by endorsement and delivery (or in some cases by mere delivery) and the transferee takes title free of certain real defenses (such as failure of consideration fraud in the inducement) that might exist against the original maker of the negotiable instrument.
Abbreviation for the National Environmental Protection Act a federal statute requiring all federal agencies to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement and meet other requirements whenever a major federal action is anticipated that could significantly affect the environment.
Net Listing
A listing that provides that the agent may retain as compensation for his or her services all sums received over and above a stated net price to the owner. An employment agreement that entitles the broker to a commission only in the amount if any that the sales price of the property exceeds the listing price.
Nonfreehold Estate
A lease tenancy. (See under Estates for the four types of leasehold estates.)
Nonjudicial Foreclosure
Foreclosure and sale of property without resort to court action by private sale. For deeds of trust the foreclosure provisions are outlined by the statutes and the requirements in the security instrument which include a notice of default right to reinstate publication of sale and trustee's sale.
Notary Public
An individual licensed by the state to charge a fee for acknowledging signatures on instruments.
A signed written instrument promising payment of a stated sum of money . Shortened name for a promissory note.
Notice of Completion
A notice recorded after termination of work on improvements limiting the time in which mechanic's liens can be filed against the property.
Notice of Default
A notice that is recorded in the county recorder's office stating that a trust deed is in default and that the holder has chosen to have the property sold. The trustor (property owner) has three months after the date of recording to reinstate the loan . Recorded notice that a trustor has defaulted on his secured debt.
Notice of Nonresponsibility
A notice provided by law designed to relieve a property owner from responsibility for the cost of work done on the property or materials furnished for it when the work or materials were ordered by a person in possession. Notice relieving an owner from possession. Notice relieving an owner from mechanic's liens for work on property not ordered by that owner.
Notice to Quit
A notice to a tenant to vacate rented property. Also called a three-day notice. Notice given to a tenant in default of his lease terms or on his rent which directs him either to cure the default or to vacate the premises.
The acceptance of a new contract in substitution for the old contract with the intent that the new contract will extinguish the original contract. Sometimes encountered in transfers of deeds of trust where the new owner assumes the debt and the lender through novation releases the former owner from any liability under the original promissory note and deed of trust.
Anything that is injurious to health or indecent or offensive to the senses or any obstruction to the free use of property so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property or?unlawfully obstructs the free passage or use in the customary manner of any navigable lake or river bay stream canal

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