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Real Estate Terms Glossary
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Real Estate Terms Beggining with the Letter j
A screen or shutter consisting of overlapping horizontal slats that is used on the exterior to keep out sun and rain while admitting light and air.
The side post or lining of a doorway window or other opening.
The space between the adjacent surfaces of two components joined and held together by nails glue or cement for example.
Joint Note
A note signed by two or more persons who have equal liability for payment.
Joint Tenancy
Undivided ownership of a property interest by two or more persons each of whom has a right to an equal share in the interest and a right of survivorship i.e. the right to share equally with other surviving joint tenants in the interest of the deceased joint tenant.
Joint Venture
In legal effect it is a partnership for a limited specific business project.
One of a series of parallel beams to which the boards of floor and ceiling laths or plaster boards are nailed and supported in turn by larger beams girders or bearing walls.
A court of competent jurisdiction's final determination of a matter presented to it. The final decision by a court in a lawsuit motion or other matter.
Judgment Affirmed
A decision by an appellate court reaffirming approving and agreeing with an inferior court's decision.
Judgment Debtor
A person who has an unsatisfied money judgment levied against him or her.
Judgment Lien
A money judgment that because it has been recorded has become a lien against the judgment debtor's real property.
Judgment Reversed
A decision by an appellate court disagreeing with an inferior court's decision and modifying the decision to conform with its findings.
Junior Lien
A lien lower in priority or rank than another or other liens.
Junior Mortgage
A mortgage recorded subsequently to another mortgage on the same property and made subordinate by agreement to a later-recorded mortgage.
The authority of a court to hear and decide a particular type of case. The power of a court to hear and decide a case or issue.

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