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Real Estate Terms Glossary
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Real Estate Terms Beggining with the Letter g
Gable Roof
Pitched roof with sloping sides.
Gambrel Roof
A curb roof having a steep lower slope with a flatter upper slope above.
A legal process to seize a debtor's property or money in the possession of a third party.
General Plan Restrictions
Covenants conditions and restrictions placed on a subdivision or other large tract of land designed to benefit and burden each lot in the tract.
A voluntary transfer of property without consideration.
Gift Deed
A deed for which there is no material consideration.
A beam used to support other beams joists and partitions.
Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA)
A federal corporation that assists in financing special assistance programs for federally aided housing. The corporation is also known as Ginny Mae.
Ground level at the foundation.
Graduated Lease
Usually a long-term lease that provides for adjustments in the rental rate on the basis of some future determination. For example the rent may be based upon the result of appraisals to be made at predetermined times in the future.
(1) To transfer. (2) A deed. (3) When used in a deed a technical term implying certain warranties. A transfer or conveyance of real estate.
Grant Deed
A limited warranty deed using the word grant" or like words that assures a grantee that the grantor has not already conveyed the land to another and that the estate is free from encumbrances placed by the owner."
A person to whom the grant is made.
A person who transfers his or her interest in property to another by grant.
A chart used in rating the borrower property and neighborhood.
Gross Income
Total income before expenses are deducted.
Gross Rent Multiplier
A number that reflects the ratio between the sales price of a property and its gross monthly rents. It is used in the income approach of appraising property.
Ground Lease
An agreement leasing land only without improvements ordinarily with the understanding that improvements will be placed on the land by the tenant.
Ground Rent
(1) Earnings from the ground only. (2) Earnings of improved property after an allowance is made for earnings of improvements. (3) A perpetual rent that a grantor in some states may reserve to himself or herself and his or her heirs when he or she conveys real property.

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